Why Not Travel to Denver, Colorado for your Dentistry?

When finding a dentist, it’s common practice to look for a reputable doctor that is conveniently located close to home or work, or both. When it comes to cleanings, preventative care, and maintenance, this logic makes a lot of sense. However, as a mature adult, dental needs can often be much more complex. Many offices around the country are not equipped to treat these complex dental problems, and consequently they are relegated to referring their patients with advanced needs from one specialist to another. When you think about it, patients with a variety of dental problems could spend weeks driving around town for consultations simply to get the advice they need on their path to long-term oral health. For example, a general dentist might refer a patient to a periodontist for gum disease, a different specialist for a dental implant, and finally a third specialist for root canal therapy. This patient could be left waiting for weeks just to get their foot in the door for a consultation at some of these specialists! Not to mention the inconvenience of driving all over town and constant interference with your daily routine, and this is all before you even proceed with treatment!Travel to Denver for your Dentistry

When you think about it that way, traveling to downtown Denver, where Barotz Dental offers Total Dental Solutions all under one roof, can make a lot of sense. In fact, we have been the Mile High City’s one-stop-shop for  quick, comfortable and comprehensive dental care for over 35 years now. For those in other parts of Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas, it can be quite difficult to have a variety of dental issues treated in one office, all under one roof. At Barotz Dental, we are equipped to treat virtually all dental problems, so your care can be completed quicker since it is all done by one doctor in one location. Often times, when more extensive treatment is performed, we will even put our out-of-town patients up in a nearby downtown Denver hotel. We also meticulously manage our schedule so that we can accommodate write-ins and emergencies on a daily basis. By design, we are never too busy for a patient in need, and immediate appointments are always available, whether you are coming from nearby or far away.Total Dental SolutionWe have patients that fly in from the west coast, some that drive in from Northern Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and even a patient who lives in Qatar that travels to Denver for his dentistry. Whether you want to save your teeth, beautify them, or replace missing ones with implants, we have the best and quickest solution/s for you here in downtown Denver. Some of the many services we provide that most general dentists typically refer out include:As a mature adult, dental problems can become more complex. If you find yourself being referred all over town, calling specialists and visiting with doctor after doctor, then give us  a call today. We offer all patients a complimentary consultation and will do everything we can to accommodate when scheduling your appointment. Find out if you can save time, money and frustration by having your dentistry done here in Denver. You can always reach us at (303)595-4994 or via email at BarotzDental@BarotzDental.com!






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Gums In, Gums Out, Gums Up, Gums Down

Last Friday was Gumday at Barotz Dental. After 36 years of serving greater Denver, the Mile High City is fairly familiar with Dr. Charles Barotz’ ability to provide quality, comprehensive dentistry all under one roof. We strive to set the standard of excellence in dentistry and, in an effort to preserve time out of our busy patients’ day, we do this in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. When we think dentistry, most of us tend to think of teeth, but rarely do we think or talk about gums. The fact is, gums are incredibly vital to the state of your oral health and beauty. Sometimes they can take a turn for the worse when oral hygiene becomes a lower priority (as can so often happen with many of us).1048 x 525

Regardless of what problems you may be having with your gums, we are eager to help, and there is no better example of our ability to do this than last Friday (6/10). As described by Dr. Barotz himself, “Gumday was gums up, gums down, gums in & gums out.” He elaborated: “We started the day performing a cosmetic gum lift to make short teeth look longer. We also moved the gums in on this patient. My next patient had her gums moved down using the pinhole surgical technique to correct a severe case of gum recession. We also built her gums outward for fullness. In the end, wherever you need your gums to go, be it up, down, in or out, we can help you.”


It’s amazing what can be accomplished in dentistry today.

Are you concerned about your gums? Would you like to rejuvenate, reposition or repair your gums in any way? Give Barotz Dental a call today and learn how our Total Dental Solutions can help you achieve your oral health goals.



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Upon Review, Denver Dentist Fulfills Mission of Delivering Life-Changing Care

At Barotz Dental our mission is clearly defined:

To enhance the lives of the people that we touch by providing the most up-to-date high quality dental care in a comfortable and personalized matter.

We do not begin each day by asking, “how can we achieve this mission?” Instead, we focus on the here and now in order to provide the best possible experience for each patient, and ultimately, we strive to fulfill this mission. Excellence in dentistry is about so much more than clinical know-how. It is about people, understanding their needs, wants, concerns and fears and then working together to achieve a lifetime of dental health. Many patients tell stories of how their newfound ability to eat the foods they love or a confident new smile has improved their life immeasurably. Perhaps the best example of this is a testimonial shared by one of our success stories, a patient who only recently overcame a life-long dental nightmare. This lengthy but heart-warming testimonial means the world to our team, and it’s feedback like this that gives us the gratification of knowing we truly make a difference in the lives those that we touch: Continue reading

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Why Dr. Barotz Learned the Pinhole Surgical Technique for Treating Gum Recession

Treating gum recession with surgical grafting is a procedure that involves cutting out a piece of the palate and stitching it in the area of recession once that area has been surgically prepared. This particular technique for treating gum recession has evolved significantly, but despite these advancements, it is still a procedure that would leave my patients in significant post-operative pain for weeks. Recently, I personally ended up with a severe case of gum recession due to some trauma to my gums. I had heard of the Pinhole Surgical Technique but assumed it would not be sufficient for treating my severe problem.

Dr. Barotz

Dr. Barotz now offers the Pinhole Surgical Technique for treating Gum Recession to any of his downtown Denver, Colorado patients in need.

So I went ahead and proceeded with the traditional cut and stitch gum grafting. In the end, my surgeon performed the operation beautifully, but despite her superb skill and technique, the treatment still left me in agony for over two weeks due to the nasty nature of the procedure. That said, my interest in Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation peaked as I started to wonder if I could’ve been spared this awful experience. After reviewing the literature and attending a webinar, it became evident that I truly could have spared myself this pain and misery if only I had elected the Pinhole Surgical Technique to treat my gum recession. At that point, I immediately made reservations for the next certification seminar so that I could present my patients with this miraculous treatment option. After days of intense training at the Pinhole Surgical Academy in California, I am now certified to perform this amazing procedure.

I am elated to be able to offer this new, revolutionary, quick and easy procedure to the people of Denver and surrounding communities. There are many cases of gum recession that, in the past, I would not have recommended getting corrected because of the pain and suffering involved. The amazing thing about the Pinhole Technique is that patients tend to feel just fine the very next day. At this point in time, thanks to the Pinhole Surgical Technique, I am less reticent to recommend proceeding with gum recession treatment because it can be handled with so much less discomfort and yet still provide superior results.

At Barotz Dental in downtown Denver, Colorado, we are concerned with more than just your overall and oral health. We are concerned about you as a person, your feelings, concerns and emotions. While the gum grafting surgery has served its purpose in the past, it did not allow us to treat complex gum recession problems in the comfortable manner that patients have come to expect at Barotz Dental. This is why I am so excited about the Pinhole Technique, as it has enhanced our ability to provide Total Dental Solutions in the least invasive, most modern way possible.

                                                                          -Charles S. Barotz, D.D.S.

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The Gum Revolution

Gums are vitally important to our oral health. For years, those who suffered from common problems like gum disease (AKA periodontitis)  and gingival (gum) recession were presented with, in Dr. Barotz’ opinion, primitive and painful treatment options. Here at Barotz Dental, in downtown Denver, Colorado, we are overjoyed to announce that this is a thing of the past, as gum disease and gum recession can now be treated with the most advanced and least invasive procedures in dentistry.Picture111Gum recession is no longer treated with painful gum grafting surgery, but instead with an elegant and effective new procedure called the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Gum disease, which has traditionally been treated with painful cut and stitch surgery, is now treated with a revolutionary laser therapy called LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). Each of these new treatments offer the same key benefits: greatly reduced pain and dramatically shortened recovery times. Would you like to learn more about LANAP and the Pinhole Surgical Technique? What exactly happens during the procedure? Why are they such revolutionary treatments? Read on to learn more! Continue reading

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What Could We Have Done Better?

It’s no mystery. We love our patients. Every day we ask, “How can I make you smile?” But so often it happens the other way around, when our patients are the ones that make us smile! We take pride in providing the finest dentistry and care available because there is nothing more vital to this practice than quality. Quality of service, quality of comfort, quality of the experience, and of course, quality of treatment. As such, we are constantly asking patients, “What did we do well?” and, “What could we do better?” It is this feedback that helps us grow individually as professionals and collectively as a team. We are grateful to every patient that takes the time out of their busy day to share their Barotz Dental experience with the world. One of the Barotz Dental mantras is Quality Quickly. We provide comprehensive dental care under one roof, Total Dental Solutions, because we recognize that time is the single most valuable commodity in this world we live in. With this in mind, we recognize and thank every single patient that has gone online and posted a review about the practice. We do read these, and we take them to heart. Do you have any thoughts about a visit to Barotz Dental that you would like to share with the world? You can find us on Google, Yelp, HealthGrades, Facebook and even Rate-A-Biz!


Our Google Rating. We thank you all for the kind words.


Our ratings from HealthGrades.com (left) and Rate-A-Biz (right).

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Rest Easy at the Mile High Sleep Center

Are you getting enough sleep at night? The average adult is said to need anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep on a daily basis. If you routinely struggle to get the sleep you need, you could be one of more than 18 million people in the U.S. suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Obstructive sleep apnea doesn’t just compromise your mood, energy and productivity levels at work or in class, it compromises your livelihood. Poor sleeping habits can make drivers more susceptible to traffic accidents, fatal and non-fatal alike. Furthermore, insufficient sleep can cause a rise in blood pressure, increase the likelihood of a heart attack 23-fold and lead to other health threats such as diabetes, stroke and obesity. Simply put, OSA is dangerously common in the United States. If you think you’re suffering from it, read on to learn more about the disorder and the treatments being prescribed by the modern medical experts.

Picture33 Continue reading

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