Tips to Overcome Fear When Visiting a Dentist

Dental problems are one of the major causes of discomfort in human beings. Many people are afraid to visit a dentist, despite the fact that the dentist can usually help eliminate or at least alleviate their patient’s pain.
Why people fear dentists and how to overcome this fear
Some people are reluctant to visit a dentist, even for checkups, due to some uncomfortable moments in their past especially when they were children. This finding is confirmed by several studies, which also reveal other fear-causing factors like phobia of injections, machinery noises, clinical smells and intimidating environments.
To overcome these fears, it is important to look for a dentist who will make you feel at ease in the office. It’s wise to consult friends, colleagues and relatives about dentists they have visited, had good experiences with and can recommend.
Once you’ve chosen a dentist to visit, speak with him or her on your first visit about your fears. Your dentist will likely have experience with other patients who felt the same and will help you overcome those fears through various methods – one of which may be sedation dentistry.
Sedation dentistry
Sedation dentistry, sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, is the use of anesthetic medication to relax patients during dental operations. At Barotz Dental, we have been able to help many patients overcome their fear of dentists and dental procedures by using three forms of sedation dentistry.
1. Inhaled Conscious sedation – this sedation involves inhaling nitrous oxide (known as “laughing gas”) combined with oxygen. This gas helps you to relax and is commonly used for simple procedures only, as the gas wears off quickly.


  • Effective for mild cases of patient anxiety
  • Takes effect quickly
  • Has very few side effects
  • Patient recovery is quick and they may drives themselves home


  • May not be appropriate for very anxious patients

2. Oral Conscious Sedation – this sedation ranges from minimal to moderate and you simply take a pill about an hour before the procedure. Moderate sedation may require a larger dose. As the patient, you will feel relaxed and sleepy although you remain awake.

  • All you need to do is to swallow a pill


  • Level of sedation cannot be adjusted
  • Its effect is not immediate, thus it must be ingested an hour before dental work is performed
  • You cannot drive yourself home

3. IV sedation – You receive the sedation through an IV and the medication is delivered into your bloodstream directly. It works quickly and allows the dentist to regulate the level of sedation.

  • Effect is immediate
  • Increase of sedation is possible


  • Requires use of a needle
  • You cannot drive yourself home

At Barotz Dental, we are committed to helping our patients overcome any fears they may have about visiting a dentist and dental procedures. Our experience and skill with sedation dentistry – what we call “No Fear Sleep Dentistry” – ensures that every patient is able to receive the dental treatments they need in complete comfort. Please schedule a consultation today to learn more!

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