Introducing invisalign Superfast – invisalign in half the time!

In our continuous effort to provide the very best treatment for our invisalign® patients, we are proud to use PROPEL® technology in our practice. The SUPERFAST technology, developed by PROPEL® “fast tracks” orthodontic treatments for both braces and aligner treatments.  This exciting technology allows us to get most patients finished in about half the time. While each patient varies, many patients can now have their orthodontic treatment completed in less than one year.

SUPERFAST works with the patient’s own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth; helping the teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position.  This allows patients to see their new smiles faster and requires fewer visits to our office. 

We provide SUPERFAST for invisalign® treatments already in progress and always offer complimentary consultations to all. If you would like to advance your orthodontic treatment, ask us about SUPERFAST today!

About BarotzDental

Dr. Charles S. Barotz is a 1980 graduate of Georgetown University School of Dentistry and has dedicated his life to provide you with the best that dentistry has to offer. Dr. Barotz is continually educating himself and his staff with the newest dental techniques and approaches, in order to provide you with advanced, state of the art, comfortable, personalized, and antiseptic dental care. Dr. Barotz has been published and lectures internationally on numerous subjects relating to excellence in dentistry.
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1 Response to Introducing invisalign Superfast – invisalign in half the time!

  1. That is a great service you offer to your patients. I wasn’t aware of SUPERFAST before. Our office currently provides FASTBRACES which is similar and cuts down the orthodontic treatment time to as little as 3 months to a year.

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