Free Gum Disease and Dental Implant Seminar

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This summer Dr. Charles S. Barotz is offering a select group of patients the opportunity to learn more about gum disease and dental implants. On July 30 patients can join this award-winning dentist, lecturer and author in an informational seminar.

Denver, CO— Barotz Dental is hosting a patient seminar on Tuesday, July 30 at 6pm at their dental office in Denver, CO to inform patients about gum disease and dental implants. Dr. Charles S. Barotz is the award-winning dentist in Denver, a known lecturer and author. He will be speaking at this meeting.

At the patient seminar Dr. Barotz will discuss the options available at Barotz Dental for gum disease treatment. Dr. Barotz is part of a select group of dental professionals in the country who are laser certified to offer the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). This is the only FDA-cleared laser gum surgery available for gum disease treatment. Dr. Barotz was the first dentist in the city of Denver to be fully certified to offer this laser gum therapy. He is part of one percent of dental professionals to offer LANAP. The seminar will focus on raising awareness to Denver patients about the success with this new laser treatment.

Barotz Dental also offers different implant dentistry options for patients who have missing teeth due to gum disease or other tooth loss causes. Patients seeking a long-term tooth replacement option should attend this meeting.

Seating is limited, and those interested in gaining exclusive knowledge about gum disease and dental implants from Dr. Barotz should call (303) 595-4994 to or visit to save their seat. The seminar will take place at 6pm. Prizes and refreshments will be provided, and there will be valet parking for attendees. Those who attend this meeting will also receive a complimentary consultation appointment as well as an entry in a drawing for a $500 gift card to Barotz Dental.

This seminar is of no cost to the public, and Dr. Barotz looks forward to meeting you. Call today to reserve your seat, and visit for more information about the dental services available at Barotz Dental.

About the Doctor
Charles S. Barotz is a general dentist offering personalized dental care for patients in Denver, CO since 1980. He became a doctor of dental surgery at Georgetown University School of Dentistry.   He is a well-known author, lecturer and clinician. Dr. Barotz is part of one percent of dental professionals providing the only FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. To learn more about Dr. Barotz and their dental services visit their website at and call (303) 595-4994.

About BarotzDental

Dr. Charles S. Barotz is a 1980 graduate of Georgetown University School of Dentistry and has dedicated his life to provide you with the best that dentistry has to offer. Dr. Barotz is continually educating himself and his staff with the newest dental techniques and approaches, in order to provide you with advanced, state of the art, comfortable, personalized, and antiseptic dental care. Dr. Barotz has been published and lectures internationally on numerous subjects relating to excellence in dentistry.
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