Question: When and where were the first dental bridges made?

Answer: According to Marshall Joseph Becker in “The Valsiarosa Gold Dental Appliance,” from ETRUSCAN STUDIES: JOURNAL OF THE ETRUSCAN FOUNDATION. VOLUME 6, 1999, the first use of dental appliances or bridges comes from the Etruscans, whose masterful goldworkers made gold dental bridges for women so they could show off their wealth. Becker says the Etruscans were the first to use dental bridges and retention bands over 2600 years ago. Some Etruscan women would have their incisors removed (a process called “tooth ablation” or evulsion) so they could be fitted with the gold prosthetics.


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Dr. Charles S. Barotz is a 1980 graduate of Georgetown University School of Dentistry and has dedicated his life to provide you with the best that dentistry has to offer. Dr. Barotz is continually educating himself and his staff with the newest dental techniques and approaches, in order to provide you with advanced, state of the art, comfortable, personalized, and antiseptic dental care. Dr. Barotz has been published and lectures internationally on numerous subjects relating to excellence in dentistry.
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